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Fabulous Floors Atlanta has earned the top spot in the hardwood floor refinishing business in Alpharetta, GA and the surrounding areas. Our technicians are expertly and continually trained to efficiently provide the most quality service on the prized floors in your home. Our hardwood refinishing service is great for re-establishing beauty in your home once more, despite the number of dings and scratches on your hardwood floors. While refinishing is more pricey than our resurfacing service, it does a better job at repairing your wood floors and it costs way less than if you were to replace all the floors in your home. Our expert technicians are able to provide the highest quality service in Alpharetta. Call today to see the difference Fabulous Floors Atlanta can make in your home.

Our Hardwood Floor Refinishing Service

Our refinishing service is more cost efficient than a complete resurfacing and our team will you cutting edge technology, products, and methods, to restore your floors to their original luster. We carefully sand down your floors to remove any imperfections or scratches. After treating with stain, we apply a level coat of polyurethane. This ensures the stain is sealed into the wood and it will give your floor an added protection and shine! Whether you have rambunctious children, or pets with long nails, daily wear and tear are expected with your flooring. However, we provide an excellent service to combat that. Your floors are an investment, and we want you to be proud of them. Give Fabulous Floors Atlanta a call and see what we can do in your Alpharetta home. Bring back the beauty of your hardwood floors today!

hardwood floor refinishing alpharetta ga


Hardwood Floor Refinishing Alpharetta, GA

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